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AlgeriaTour is an iniative of three Algerian students: Tinhinane AITHAMOUDA, Asma BERKANI and Idir BENALI. We all are engineering students, me (Tinhinane) and Idir are 3rd year students at the National Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (INELEC) and Asma is a fourth year student in Software Engineering at USTHB.


We live in a world more and more connected and related. Yet, the less developed countries such as Algeria are forsaken and due to the lack of information, an unclear and false image about those countries has been implemented in people's minds. Using technology facilities, AlgeriaTour contributes to a noble cause which is the promotion of the Algerian culture.

As a result, not only will the number of tourists increase, but also the number of investors. Along with the employment opportunities that AlgeriaTour will offer, it will also encourage more people to invest in the tourism industry; in other words, optimistically, tourism infrastructures will grow exponentially within the tenth upcoming years. Finally, the success of companies based on IT, will encourage the Algerian citizens to exploit the power of technology. AlgeriaTour, in an indirect fashion, will contribute to decrease digital illiteracy in Algeria.

AlgeriaTour is highly scalable for the following main reasons:
_ AlgeriaTour is one of the first companies in the e-tourism industry in Algeria, hence a lot of opportunities are still open.
_ The company will first target the most touristic cities in Algeria: Algiers, Timmimoun, Ghardaia, Oran and Djurdjura. Then, AlgeriaTour will gradually cover the entire 48 towns in Algeria.
_ The initiative will be expanded to other countries in the MENA region by creating subsidiary companies.
_ Being based on technology, AlgeriaTour is highly scalable as the possibilities that technology is offering are increasing.
_ AlgeriaTour will linearly grow as the market opportunities and tourism infrastructures are increasing in Algeria.

AlgeriaTour?s IP assets are: Company name, logo, domain name, mobile application, source code, and web design. Currently, our product is in the conception level; we didn?t register our trademark yet.

According to our strategy and plan, AlgeriaTour will be launched on January 2015


277300 Dinars

2773 €


180 Jours

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L'utilisation des fonds

AlgeriaTour needs consists of:
- Web hosting: 800 $
- Business registration: 500 $
- Office supplies: 2500 $
- Maintenance costs: 50 $

The amount of money raised will feed the basic needs of our start-up during the first year, which is fixed to 3850 $


Thanks for your contributions!

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277300 Dinars

2773 €


180 Jours

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